Early Returns/Diversions

Early Returns / Diversions

91st BG Diverted to Bury St. Edmunds

Clive Stevens

Early returns without Sortie credit:

Crew. Serial. Unit. Formation Cause.
Heironimus 43-38681 100th BG 13th CBW “C” Group Supercharger.
Lani 42-37795 388th BG 45th CBW “A” Group Various.
Terlizzi 42-97528 388th BG 45th CBW “A” Group Engine oil.
Drinkwalter 42-5984 390th BG 13th CBW “B” Group Ruptured duct.
Hewit 42-102567 447th BG 4th CBW “G” Group Engine.
Tyler 43-37745 452nd BG 45th CBW “D” Group Engine oil leak.
Davis 43-38318 452nd BG 45th CBW “D” Group Engine.
Morrett 43-38421 452nd BG 45th CBW “D” Group Ignition.
Kraker 42-98019 487th BG 4th CBW “C” Group Engine.
Peacock 43-38068 490th BG 93rd CBW “B” Group Engine oil leak.
Munday 43-38242 493rd BG 93rd CBW “D” Group Supercharger
Sharp 43-38558 493rd BG 93rd CBW “C” Group Exhaust stack.
Vaughn 42-37960 94th BG 4th CBW “C” Group Engine oil leak.
Larson 42-107208 96th BG 45th CBW “B” Group Exhaust stack.
Crew. Serial. Unit. Formation. Cause.
Gobrecht 42-97949 303rd BG 41st CBW “A” Group Fuel leak.
Weaver 43-38645 303rd BG 41st CBW “A” Group Propeller governor.
Parker 42-39948 305th BG 40th CBW “C” Group Supercharger.
Unknown 42-107100 381st BG 1st CBW “A” Group Engine.
Mercer 44-8033 401st BG 94th CBW “B” Group Engine.
Borgenson 42-97061 91st BG 1st CBW “D” Group Engine.
Crew. Serial. Unit. Formation. Cause.
O’Brien 44-40092 389th BG 2nd CBW “E” Group Fuel leak.
Kaiser 42-51186 392nd BG 14th CBW “B” Group Engine oil.
Tokarsky 42-78477 392nd BG 14th CBW “B” Group Oxygen regulator.
Inman 42-94898 392nd BG 14th CBW “A” Group Manifold pressure.
McDonald 41-29500 445th BG 2nd CBW “D” Group Oxygen leak.
Derr 42-110166 445th BG 2nd CBW “E” Group Propellor governor.
Dewey 44-48851 445th BG 2nd CBW “D” Group Engine.
Whaley 42-51312 446th BG 20th CBW “B” Group Fuel leak.
Franklin 42-51504 448th BG 20th CBW “c/A” Group Engine.
Clements 42-50644 44th BG 14th CBW “A” Group Engine.
Spencer 42-50763 44th BG 14th CBW “D” Group Propellor governor.
Mortenson 42-52472 453rd BG 2nd CBW “B” Group Engine.
Fisher 44-44072 453rd BG 2nd CBW “C” Group Engine.
Hicks 41-29340 458th BG 96th CBW “b/B” Group Generators.
Rhoades 42-110059 458th BG 96th CBW “b/B” Group Engine oil.
Bechtel 44-40201 458th BG 96th CBW “b/A” Group Engine.
Rice 42-50288 466th BG 96th CBW “b/B” Group Engine.
Evans 42-51527 466th BG 96th CBW “a/C” Group Fuel pump.
McArthur 41-29378 467th BG 96th CBW “a/A” Group Engine.
Burdekin 42-50668 491st BG 14th CBW “C” Group Engine.
Root 44-40165 491st BG 14th CBW “C” Group Engine.

Eearly returns with Sortie credit:

Crew. Serial. Unit. Formation. Cause.
Gibson 43-38416 34th BG 93rd CBW “A” Group Flak.
Hibbert 43-38118 385th BG 4th CBW “D” Group Flak.
Byrom 44-6524 388th BG 45th CBW “A” Group Flak.
Moore 44-8207 388th BG 45th CBW “A” Group Flak.
Henry 44-6812 390th BG 13th CBW “B” Group Unknown.
Stone 44-8206 390th BG 13th CBW “A” Group Flak.
Jepson 42-97819 447th BG 4th CBW “G” Group Flak.
Harmon 42-97936 447th BG 4th CBW “G” Group Electrical.
Betts 42-31934 452nd BG 45th CBW “E” Group Engine.
Tennant 42-32083 452nd BG 45th CBW “D” Group Oxygen.
Shumacker 42-97222 452nd BG 45th CBW “E” Group Flak.
Eccles 43-37545 452nd BG 45th CBW “D” Group Unknown.
Stock 43-37634 452nd BG 45th CBW “D” Group Flak
Harris 43-37970 486th BG 4th CBW “F” Group Engine.
Densmore 43-37969 487th BG 4th CBW “A” Group Enemy Aircraft.
Young 43-38634 490th BG 93rd CBW “D” Group Bomb bay doors.
Johnson 43-38807 490th BG 93rd CBW “B” Group Engine.
Lamoreaux 43-38195 493rd BG 93rd CBW “C” Group Engine.
Hansen 43-38593 493rd BG 93rd CBW “C” Group Flak
Voss 43-38099 94th BG 4th CBW “C” Group Flak.
Long 44-8229 94th BG 4th CBW “B” Group Engine oil.
Jones 42-32112 96th BG 45th CBW “C” Group Flak.
Sandusky 43-37775 96th BG 45th CBW “C” Group Engine.
Peretti 43-37789 96th BG 45th CBW “F” Group Oil cooler.
Smith 44-8171 96th BG 45th CBW “C” Group Flak.
Arzbecker 44-8423 96th BG 45th CBW “C” Group Flak.
Perlis 44-8442 96th BG 45th CBW “C” Group Flak.
Crew. Serial. Unit. Formation Cause.
Moebius 42-51123 445th BG 2nd CBW “E” Group Intervalometer.
Harper 42-50618 446th BG 20th CBW “c/B” Group Engine.
Potis 42-95121 446th BG 20th CBW “B” Group Engine.
Peirovich 42-95624 446th BG 20th CBW “a/B” Group Engine.
Hill Jr. 42-51704 44th BG 14th CBW “E” Group Engine
Moffette 42-110159 467th BG 96th CBW “a/A” Group Personel


44th BG:

42-50894: Brussel.
42-95193: France, back to UK.

91st BG:

All Squadrons to Bury St. Edmunds.

92nd BG:

43-37784: Rattlesden.
43-38440: Rattlesden.
43-38468: Rattlesden.
44-8172: near Lille, France.
Some aircraft to Bury St. Edmunds and Great Ashfield others were able to land at Homebase.

93rd BG:

42-95527: Brussel.
42-100309: Le Culot, Belgium.

95th BG:

43-38760: Crash landed France.
43-38776: Brussel.
44-6475: France, same evening to Framlingham.

96th BG:

44-8382: Brussel.

303rd BG:

41st CBW "A" Group: Snetterton.
45th CBW "F" Group: 1x Mendlesham, 2x Knettishall, 3x Snetterton.

305th BG:

40th CBW "C" lead: 10x Horham, 1x Woodbridge and Bury St. Edmunds.
40th CBW "C" high: 11x RAF Enstone.
40th CBW "C" low: 12x RAF Westcott.
40th CBW "D" low: 12x Great Ashfield, 1x Rattlesden.

306th BG:

40th CBW "B" lead: Debach.
40th CBW "B" high: 9x Framlingham, 3x Cranfield.
40th CBW "B" low: 8x Debach, 1x Ridgewell, Bury St. Edmunds, Framlingham and Wattisham.
40th CBW "D": 9x Bury St. Edmunds, 2x Horham, 1x Framlingham.
40th CBW "D" High right flight: 2x Great Ashfield, 1x Bury St. Edmunds.

351st BG:

47x : Ridgewell, 5x Knettishall, 1x Castle Camp, Debach and Downham Market


379th BG:

All Squadrons to Mendlesham.

384th BG:

13th CBW "F" Group: 13x Subury.
42-98027: Wratting Common.
43-38616: Ridgewell?
43-38757 +1: Sudbury.

388th BG:

42-37849: Clastres, France.
43-38424: Brussel.
44-6102: Charleroi, Belgium.

389th BG:

42-50739: Brussel.
44-49339: France.

398th BG:

1st CBW "B" lead: Rattlesden?
1st CBW "B" low: Ridgewell.
1st CBW "B" high: Ridgewell.
1st CBW "C" low: Ridgewell
3x : Lavenham.

401st BG:

38x Lavenham, 3x Woodbridge, 1x Boxted, Bruntingthorpe, Deopham Green, Great Massingham, Knettishall and Ridgewell.

445th BG:

42-94860: ?

446th BG:

42-50618: Liège-Bierset.
44-48830: Brussel?

448th BG:

42-50590: Woodbridge.
42-95544: Woodbridge.
44-40099: Manston.

452nd BG:

43-37726: Brussel.

453rd BG:

42-94766: France.
42-95102: Woodbridge.
42-95303: France.
44-40173: France.

457th BG, morning:

2x Knettishall, 2x ?, 1x Eye, Horham and Lavenham.
45th CBW "F" Group: "1x Honington (belly landing), 2x ?

457th BG, afternoon:

lead: 12x Eye.
high: 11x Horham, 1x Eye.
low: 5x Eye, 3x Horham, 1x Deenthorpe and Mendlesham.

487th BG:

2x Woodbridge.

490th BG:

43-38687: Bever, Belgium.