With kind permission of American Air Museum.
A number of photo's on this site are from the Roger Freeman Collection & others also available on-line at the following link:

As I desire not to fly I hired a researcher who looked into the archives at AFHRA located at Maxwell AFB AL.
I am very gratefull to Mr George Cully  for his help.
Mr George Cully can be contacted at following E-mail adress:

Several Reels were digitized and sent to me on CD-ROM:  B5283, B5376, B5495 also IRIS number 0223365
All containing very usefull information for my project.

I am also very gratefull to Mr Edward Singer, who provided his services to me in locating the mission reports at
the National Archives (NARA) facility in College Park Maryland.
His site can be found at the following url:

Mission reports of the following units were used:
34th, 44th, 91st, 92nd, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 303rd, 305th, 306th, 351st, 379th, 381st, 384th, 385th
388th, 389th, 390th, 392nd, 398th, 401st, 445th, 446th, 447th, 448th, 453rd, 457th, 458th, 466th, 467th
486th, 490th, 491st, 492nd, 493rd.

Missing are the reports for 100th BG, 452nd BG and 487th BG.

Several members of
helped me out in answering my questions and give additional information.
I have failed to keep logs as to who exactly helped me but I will look back into my archive and name them as their help was very much appreciated.