Radio Settings

There were four radio channels that could be monitored in a bomber.
Each channel had a different function.
There was a communication plan which aircraft would monitor which channel during the different phases of the mission.

Channel A: Bomber to Bomber
Channel B: Air Sea Rescue / Relay A/C / Weather A/C
Channel C: Bomber to fighter
Channel D: 8AF

Before the mission each a/c would have the correct crystals installed to listen and transmit on the correct frequency on every channel.

Monitoring VHF channels during the mission went into phases.
During the briefing it was indicated which a/c was to monitor which channel and when.
Below is an overview as it was briefed to the crews of the 303rd BG.

Take off to division assembly:

Channel A: Group lead and all other aircraft.
Channel B: Deputy group leader.

Division assembly point out – to return to English coast:

Channel A: Deputy group leader and all other a/c.
Channel B: Group leader.
Channel C: (67th FW) 2nd flight leader of lead squadron.
Channel D: (8th AF) No.2 of 3rd flight of lead squadron.

English coast return – to base:

Channel A: Group leader and all other a/c.
Channel B: Deputy group leader.